Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Low Flush and Dual Flush Toilets

Low flush toilets are designed to reduce water consumption in your home. Toilets that are older than 20 years typically use 13 liters or more of water to flush.

The first generation of low flush toilets reduced that usage down to 6 liters per flush. Some low flush toilets only require 4.8 liters per flush. They were designed to meet tough standards in California to reduce water consumption.

If you are replacing an older toilet, you’d be reducing water consumption by 12,000+ liters per year! (That’s only 5 flushes per day.)

Manufacturers have also developed dual flush toilets. When you are getting rid of solids, the toilet will use about 6 liters per flush, otherwise it uses 3.8 liters per flush. Dual flush toilets will reduce your water usage even further than a single flush model.
Low Flush Toilet
Not all low flush toilets work well. There are a number of toilet manufacturers and each one makes numerous models. We’ve had several customers that have purchased a low flush toilet at a retail store. They got it home and found out it didn’t work that well. They go on to assume that all low flush toilets are no good.

At Salmon Plumbing, we’ve tested several models and have selected several that work well at a reasonable price. They also have the features people like.
We provide full service delivery and installation and we’ll get rid of your old toilet for you as well. If you have a problem with your new toilet, we guarantee our installation on top of the manufacturer’s warranty!

Salmon Plumbing's toilet warranty is in your home. If you purchase a toilet through a retailer you may need to return it to them for refund or replacement. This is inconvenient and costly if you are not able to remove and install the toilet yourself.

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