Friday, 24 November 2017

Change Your Thermostat Batteries

You should change the batteries on your programmable thermostat once a year. Most smart thermostats take alkaline batteries (AA or AAA) or 3 volt lithium batteries, all of which are commonly available.

Your thermostat has batteries to keep your programming saved when the power goes out. Even though your thermostat is wired directly to the furnace, a thermostat with a dead battery can lead to no heat.

Some thermostats have a low battery indicator, that will give you a warning a few weeks ahead. It’s good practice to change the batteries once a year, just like you would with your smoke detectors.

You don’t want to pay for an emergency no heat service call, just to find out your thermostat battery is dead.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Air Conditioner Covers

We recommend that you do not cover your outside air conditioner unit in the winter. Moisture can build up underneath the cover, which can be harmful to the electrical components inside.

Clear the area and unit of twigs, leaves and debris. If you are concerned about leaves and debris falling in the unit, we recommend that you put a board on top of the unit, weighed down with a brick. We would also recommend that you turn off the power to the air conditioner at the panel. This will ensure that the unit is not inadvertently turned on in cold weather. Be sure to remember to take the cover back off in the spring.

If you buy a cover, select one that does not go all the way to the ground. This allows air circulation and prevents moisture damage.

Simply use a board weighed down by some bricks
At the Salmon Plumbing shop we have 3 air conditioning units. We do not cover any of them during the winter.

Air conditioners should be serviced annually to extend their life, maintain warranties and improve performance and energy efficiency.

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