Monday, 15 January 2018

Carbon Monoxide and Gas Smells

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is colourless and odorless in its pure chemical state.

Some people may think that if they smell something from a gas appliance, that there is no danger from carbon monoxide. The reality is far different. When CO is being produced by an improperly vented appliance there will be other smells.

People need to be aware that if they are smelling something coming from their, furnace, boiler, hot water heater, gas fireplace or whatever there is a very real danger.

To keep your family safe from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, take the following two important steps:

  1. Invest in CO detectors. You should have them installed in every level of your home and near sleeping areas.
  2. Don’t skip on annual maintenance for your gas furnace or gas boiler. When we visit your home, in addition to servicing your equipment, we check for CO levels. A furnace can produce unsafe levels of CO in your home if it is not properly vented or if a heat exchanger has cracked. This is not something most homeowners are going to find on their own.

If you notice unusual smells around any gas appliance, play it safe and call a professional.

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